Heritage Skills Workshop: A Pocketful of Stories

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Saturday April 24

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10:00 AM  –  11:00 AM

Our clothes tell a story. Of our values, beliefs, and history. Clothing has the power to even transport us back into time. Create and share your own story as we explore the reuse of fabric in the 18th century through patchwork while learning basic hand sewing stitches and patchwork techniques to create a traditional pocket.


Together we will preserve these heritage skills while creating unique stories about our own history and heritage, and the connections between our history and the stories Piscataway Park holds. What story does your pocket tell?


This is a virtual program. We recommend this program for ages 6+ and that each participant must be able to hold a sewing needle and follow basic instructions.

 Each registration includes 1 pocket kit (pattern, fabric, thread, needle, written instructions) sent in the mail. Participants will need to provide their own scissors/fabric cutters, ruler/tape measure, any additional unique and personalized fabric, and a flat surface to work on.

Registration closes on April 9th. Program will be cancelled if there is less than 5 registrants.