Activity Booklet: Awnings, Bricks & Clapboard

What does a house tell us about the people who lived in it? How can you tell someone is affluent from their barn? This in-depth look at the structures of the National Colonial Farm examines how buildings were used and constructed on an 18th century tobacco farm. As you move around the farm, you’ll learn a little about what conclusions historians can draw about a person just by looking at their home, and how small landowners like the owners of Laurel Branch would have fit into the hierarchy of Southern Maryland.

Your purchase includes a self-guided tour book (digital download) with a map of the National Colonial Farm and designated stops around the historic site. Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with your link to download the book. 

All proceeds from this self-guided experience support the Accokeek Foundation's educational and historic programming on the National Colonial Farm and throughout Piscataway Park.